At HealthMe, we are deeply committed to empowering patients, ensuring they’re central to their healthcare journey. Our team is a unique blend of medical doctors, engineers, and healthcare experts who are passionate about transforming the healthcare experience. We work closely with you, hand in hand, to reach our mission. We are not the whole picture, but a crucial part of your healthcare story.

Our mission

Our mission at HealthMe is to transform healthcare communication by fostering an environment of clarity, understanding, and mutual collaboration.

We aim to empower both patients and healthcare providers by seamlessly capturing and managing their interactions, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and every voice is heard.


We believe that by being an integral part of this journey, our users are not only beneficiaries of our service, but essential collaborators in shaping the future of patient-doctor dialogue.


Through our innovative application, we strive to enhance the overall healthcare experience, promote effective communication, and cultivate trust within the medical community. Together, we can redefine patient care, one conversation at a time.

Be in control of your health

At HealthMe, we believe in the power of information as a tool for patients to navigate their health journey with confidence.


Our platform goes beyond simply recording interactions, it allows individuals to actively participate and engage in their healthcare decisions.


By providing an accurate, accessible record of their consultations, we’re putting the control back into the hands of the patients, enhancing their ability to understand their conditions, treatments, and overall health better.


As partners in this mission, users contribute to creating a system that supports patient autonomy and informed decision-making. Together, we are striving to build a healthcare landscape where everyone has the possibility to take control of their health, leading to better outcomes.

Our team

Dr. Mohamed Alibashe


Chief Executive Officer

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Saurav Zangeneh


Head of Technology

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Loy Lobo


Head of Business Development

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