For professionals

As a fellow doctor and the person behind HealthMe, I understand firsthand the challenges we face in our profession. This is why we have also designed this tool with us, the doctors, in mind.


HealthMe is an invaluable ally in our commitment to providing superior care, enhancing patient satisfaction and improving our work conditions.

Free accurate dictation

We can dictate notes accurately and effortlessly – and the best part is, there’s no frustrating training required, and it works even if you have a strong accent or unique pronunciation.

Patient medical history

With HealthMe, we can rapidly access the medical history and treatment lists of new patients, without spending hours on the phone or engaging in exhaustive information collection.

Better communication

But it gets better. We can share information securely, and it’s instantly accessible to our colleagues. There’s no need to pick up the phone or send a ton of emails. Everyone involved in a patient’s care can stay in the loop in real-time.

The best part is that HealthMe is designed with interoperability in mind, to fit right into our existing EMR systems.

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